Football Leaks

A new cross-border investigation into the most popular sport in the world

Football Leaks is a cross-border investigation into how the secret deals of club officials, leading associations, agents, and investors have corrupted the most popular sport in the world.

At the beginning of 2018, a source called John gave German news magazine Der Spiegel more than 70 million documents totalling 3.4 terabytes of data - the largest journalism data leak ever.

This information was shared with journalism network European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), which brought together around 80 journalists from 15 media to review the data, document, and expose illegal or secret deals across the football industry.

The following media are participating in the project: L'Espresso, Le Soir, NRC, Der Spiegel, The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism/, Mediapart, Politiken, Nacional, Expresso, Reuters, VG, Premieres Lignes, NDR, De Standaard and Tamedia.

Below the team at publishes stories from Football Leaks crucial to eastern Europe and beyond. Stay on this page for more revelations.

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The Black Sea Football Leaks team:

Reporting: Zeynep Şentek, Michael Bird, Craig Shaw, Catalin Prisacariu, Costin Stucan, Atilla Türker
Tech and design: Alex Morega, Gabriel Vijiala, Mircea Toader, Mugur Rus, Nisha Vasudevan
Project guide: Stefan Candea

Mina Eroğlu contributed to this project as a factchecker and Turkish language editor.