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War Turns Odesa’s Black Sea Green
Once a sanctuary for Odesa locals, Lanzheron Beach is now suffering the ecological impacts a year after the Kakhovka dam catastrophe
26 June 2024 | Ukraine
Peace Before Empire
The plague of nostalgia for Russia’s lost empire continues to destroy Ukraine. But not all former colonisers cause so much suffering. Anna Nemtsova was in Portugal for the 50th anniversary …
17 June 2024 | Personal Essay
An Unquenchable Thirst
A 40-year free-for-all on water in the “Garden of Europe” has led Spain’s Almeria to the brink of catastrophe
08 January 2024 | Photographs by Ian Howorth
Black Trail: a film
A documentary on how shipping pollutes the planet, avoids taxes, dodges regulations, & gets away with it.
30 April 2021 | Europe
Black Trail opening.jpeg
Black Trail
The shipping industry is a massive climate polluter. Is it committed to change?
30 April 2021 | Europe

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