An Unquenchable Thirst
A 40-year free-for-all on water in the “Garden of Europe” has led Spain’s Almeria to the brink of catastrophe
08 January 2024 | Photographs by Ian Howorth
Black Trail: a film
A documentary on how shipping pollutes the planet, avoids taxes, dodges regulations, & gets away with it.
30 April 2021 | Europe
Black Trail opening.jpeg
Black Trail
The shipping industry is a massive climate polluter. Is it committed to change?
30 April 2021 | Europe
Zehir Vadisi
Küresel sanayinin Türkiye’nin en yeşil ilçelerinden birini yaşanmaz hale getirişinin hikâyesi
11 October 2019 | Türkiye
The Toxic Valley
How global industry turned a once green Turkish province into an environmental wasteland.
27 September 2019 | Turkey
image 2.jpg
Life in the Valley
For more than three decades, the residents of Dilovası, in Turkey, have lived under the destructive boot of industry
27 September 2019 | Turkey
The Death of the Field
A village that struggled through communism is now sold off to Italians
05 March 2016 | Dudestii Vechi, Romania