Football Leaks

Revelations into Corruption of the Beautiful Game

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Football Leaks is a massive cross-border investigation based on documents obtained by the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL and passed to the European Investigative Collaborations network, which includes THE BLACK SEA.

This is the largest leak in the history of sport - 1.9 Terabytes of information and a total of 18.6 million documents. Over 60 journalists in 14 countries are involved in the project, working for over seven months to reveal corruption among top officials, clubs, agents and players. The project also investigates those behind the scenes and the dirty deals that turn the beautiful game into an industry that extracts millions in cash.

We reveal how agents, intermediaries and club officials are perverting sporting ethics and tax regulations to maximise their access to the riches generated from football, at the expense of the quality of the game, the development of talent and the wishes of the fans.

Project partners include L'Espresso (Italy), Le Soir (Belgium), NRC (Netherlands), DER SPIEGEL (Germany), The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism / (Romania), Mediapart (France), Politiken (Denmark), Falter (Austria), NewsWeek (Serbia), El Mundo (Spain), The Sunday Times (UK) and Expresso (Portugal).

Twitter: #FootballLeaks and #EICFootball

Below the team at is publishing stories relevant to eastern Europe and beyond (see stories in Turkish below). The findings allow for an unprecedented look into the filthy heart of the modern football industry. Stay on this page for more stunning revelations.