Visions of the Black Sea in transition

Petruț Călinescu

Galleries of the best images from international photographers working in the Black Sea region

There are many beautiful photo projects from the Black Sea countries and new galleries are appearing all the time.

In this Photo Blog we are showcasing the highlights.

Vanessa Winship shoots incredible beautiful black and white images from around the Black Sea.

petrut photo blog 1 vanessa

George Georgiu’s latest project ‘Fault Lines’ focuses on the rapid changes in Turkey. Please also check 'The Shadow of the Bear’ series, about the invisible and visible Russian influences on Georgia and Ukraine.

petrut photo blog 1 georgiu

Here is Aaron Huey and National Geographic: ‘Medieval Mountain Hideaway, Georgia’ - “In their mountain fastness the people of Svaneti have managed to preserve an even older culture: their own.”

petrut photo blog 1 ng

Jens Olof Lasthein’s visual journey between Eastern and Western Europe shows powerful tales of a boundary in transition: ‘White Sea Black Sea’. His website cannot link directly to the galleries, so browse to ‘White Sea Black Sea I, II, III’.

petrut photo blog 1 olof

Justyna Mielnikiewicz: ‘Woman with a Monkey – Caucasus in short notes and photographs’ chronicles personal experiences with the South Caucasus history, politics and culture for over a decade

petrut photo blog 1 justyna

Rafal Milach reveals the Ukrainian coastline during the bitter winter of 2008: ‘Black Sea of Concrete’.

petrut photo blog 1 rafal

Please also check out the Sputnik Collective, founded in 2006 by documentary photographers from Central and

Eastern Europe.