Black Trail: a film

How shipping pollutes the planet, avoids taxes, dodges regulations, & gets away with it.

By The Black Sea
30 April 2021

From Lisbon to Genoa, Athens to the Arctic, Black Trail is an investigation into the shipping industry's efforts to hide from climate crisis.

Black Trail is a cross-border documentary and written project by journalists at the The Black Sea and Expresso, Reporters United (Greece), RTS (Switzerland) and VG (Norway), co-produced by SIC TV (Portugal), with research support from Financed Uncovered (UK).

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A European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) Network documentary

Author: Micael Pereira

Producers: Zeynep Sentek, Craig Shaw, Micael Pereira

Associate producer: Nikolas Leontopoulos

Editor: Marco Carrasqueira

Reporters: Myrto Boutsi, Julien Chiffelle, Runa Engen, Margot Gibbs, Nikolas Leontopoulos, Micael Pereira, Giulio Rubino, Zeynep Sentek, Craig Shaw

Cameras: João Lúcio, Julien Chiffelle, Kristoffer Kumar, David Langan, Christos Kodellas (drone)

Animations: Alexia Barakou

Animations sound design: Aris Athanasopoulos

Graphics: Sérgio Maduro

Colourist: Carlos Isaac

Sound mix: Edgar Keats

Subtitles: Spell

This investigation was supported by grants from the Investigative Journalism for Europe (IJ4EU) fund and

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