Rosia Montana: The Poem

Michael Bird

Tim Torkildson, a blogger who turns prose into poetry, has reacted to our story on the proposed billion-dollar gold mine in Transylvania's Rosia Montana with this set of verses (views are entirely his own)


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain;

Gabriel Resources believes this very certain.

Forget about Timis or Redgrave or Hannah;

It is as slipp’ry as the peel of banana.

There’s gold in the hills of Romania, friend;

To get it a few rules we’ll probably bend.

But what’s a few felonies between you and me,

And the folk in Rosia Montana, prithee?

If one leader says they will never play ball,

We’ll wait for elections to end the big stall;

And then with sweet cyanide we’ll begin drilling,

And never you mind all the wildlife we’re killing!