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Troubled region struggles to dump its label as a nest of terrorists
Pankisi , Georgia
A journey in pictures through Moldova''s ethnic Turk republic
Comrat , Moldova
To stop HIV, the country needs a deep and meaningful conversation about sex
Chisinau/Cahul , Moldova
Eight reasons why Romanian society neglects victims of domestic violence
Cluj, Bucharest , Romania
Exploring the hidden crime of domestic violence among Romania''s middle classes
Cluj, Bucharest , Romania
Criminals are flooding the EU with fake perfumes from China - damaging public health and bringing funds for gangsters
Turkey , Romania
Joy and beauty in the ruins - a photo-journey through the resorts of Abkhazia, the frozen conflict next to the Sochi Winter Olympics
abkhazia , georgia
Paralyzed by legal highs, wedding singer Ciobi was living on the streets, his body collapsing - until he took up popping, locking and breaking
Bucharest , Romania
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