Sorina Vazelina
[email protected]

Sorina Vazelina is a sort of graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist born and schooled in Romania. She has worked in two visual communication studios, so far: Synopsis Media, in Timișoara, and It's Everyday, in Bucharest. Her work has been published by Hardcomics, Kus Komics, Centrala UK and Novo Doba Belgrade. She used to be a regular contributing illustrator for Esquire, Playboy and Regard magazine. Some of the projects she's been involved in include: the visual identity for the White Night of Galleries in Bucharest, and The Book of George, a compendium of Romanian cartoonists. In 2015 she won the prize for best book in a limited edition, at the Most Beautiful Books in Romania competition (Cele Mai Frumoase Carti). To find out more deliriously puzzling information on her work, visit

Stories by Sorina Vazelina: