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Cancelled passports, blackmail allegations, death threats
Bucharest , Romania
Impact of false claims by UK tabloid on 'child slaves' making Kinder Egg toys
Carei , Romania
Shadowing the international streetwalkers of Naples
Naples , Italy
Searching for a new class of east European addicts who steal for heroin in Spain
Madrid , Canada Real
From the buzz of crime to serving time to facing discrimination against ex-cons
Milan , Bucharest
Which nations come first in expat prisoner numbers in the EU
EU , Romania
How Romania topped prisoner numbers in Italy - and how this is changing
Rome , Italy
Women sex-trafficked from Romania to Spain reveal path from tragedy to recovery
Madrid , Spain
Child protection changes probed in nations rising from Communism
East Balkans, , The Black Sea
Locals and inheritors battle for ownership of village, land and forest
Nadas , Romania
A village struggles thru communism, deportation, fragementation - and sale to Italians
Dudestii Vechi , Romania
Chess championship comes to most isolated village in Danube Delta
Sfistofca , Romania
Smallholders wake up to find their land seized by corrupt officials
Zarand , Romania
Stepping through the minefield of history to probe the prospect of new borders at a flashpoint between the EU and Russia
Bucharest , Chisinau
Shot in the revolution, pimped out and lost to heroin - a story of survival at a cost to mark 25 years since Romania's uprising
Bucharest , Romania
Eight reasons why Romanian society neglects victims of domestic violence
Cluj, Bucharest , Romania
Exploring the hidden crime of domestic violence among Romania's middle classes
Cluj, Bucharest , Romania
Paralyzed by legal highs, wedding singer Ciobi was living on the streets, his body collapsing - until he took up popping, locking and breaking
Bucharest , Romania
Controversial prizes, diplomatic pressure and a dance with Vanessa Redgrave - PR gold mine-style
Bucharest , Romania
Meeting the dedicated opponents of shale gas fracking across two continents
Romania , Poland, USA
As the future of the multi-billion Euro gold mining project in Transylvania remains unsure, we report from a village where families are at war
Rosia Montana , Romania
Marriages in northeast Romanian villages assume a fresh identity in an age of work migration
Tara Oasului , Romania
How Romanian work migrants sacrificed the comforts of a life abroad to build the dream mansion at home
Romania , France
Remote village becomes child porn studio for global market - without the knowledge of the victims
Seini , Romania
Romanians working in France transform cottages in their home villages into mansions of steel and concrete
Transylvania , Romania
Mysterious, menacing, mythical and unknown - a travel story in pictures around the Black Sea
The Black Sea , Where Europe meets Asia
Ten years of American pro-GMO lobbying in Bucharest reaps a change in Romanian view on biotech
Bucharest , Romania
As Romania poises for mass murder of its strays, a feature doc explores the extent of this canine tragedy
Bucharest , Romania
Rip-off fears for nation as US energy giant gears up for fracking
Pungesti , Romania
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